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Play!Framework 1.x FastCGI support

Support for the Play!Framework 1.x is currently under development. Please check back at a later time. In the meantime, you can review the way we want to provide support for the PlayFramework 1.x:


Adjust your conf/dependencies.yml to include the dependency

    # Application dependencies

        - play
        - org.jfastcgi.client -> client-playframework1x 2.4-SNAPSHOT


Before you can proxy requests to a FastCGI application, you have to configure the available services in your conf/application.conf.

Please note, that "server-address" and "cluster-adresses" are mutually exclusive (meaning, if you specify both for an endpoint, we'll take cluster-addresses)

The syntax is always jfastcgi.endpoint-Name.propertyName = value

jfastcgi.DEFAULT.server-address =
jfastcgi.DEFAULT.start-executable = "/usr/bin/php-fcgi -b 19000"
jfastcgi.ALTERNATE.server-address =
jfastcgi.ALTERNATE.connection-factory = com.yourcompany.fastcgi.CustomConnectionFactory
jfastcgi.ACLUSTERCONFIG.cluster-adresses =;[::1]:20000;[::1]:21000
jfastcgi.FILTERINGHEADERS.server-address =
jfastcgi.FILTERINGHEADERS.filtered-headers = Authorization;

Additionally, there's the context-path property, in case your app is not listening to / or you just want to override it for all requests for this endpoint that don't override it with the result request.

jfastcgi.CONTEXTOVERRIDEEXAMPLE.server-address =
jfastcgi.CONTEXTOVERRIDEEXAMPLE.context-path = /someapp

Using the FastCGI client